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In the Mediterranean until the early 19th century, there were almost always pirates and corsairs, except for the brief period when the Romans had absolute control. We might therefore say that piracy was commonplace amongst the sea peoples around the world, a habitual complement of that which today we might call illicit trade, and the municipality of Palafrugell was no exception!

Having lost the security of the Roman Empire, the coast once more became a dangerous place and there was a regression inland. Llafranc and other coastal places which worked in Roman times were abandoned, and the population gathered in Santa Margarida, Vila-seca, Palafrugell, etc.

As well as loking for places away from the coast, it was necessary to fortify; to the dangers of the sea was added the warlike character of the feudal society. The Palace of en Frugell, which gives its name to this town, was a walled complex. In the 13th century, the wall surrounded the whole of the town and not just the castle.

In the face of the growing corsair danger, in the 14th and 15th centuries, a great effort was made to build defensive elements from Lloret to Llançà. It was at this time when the Sant Sebastià watch tower was built.

There are several options for touring the watchtowers of the municipality. The one we propose is a pleasant circular route of around 15 km which covers the plain and coast of Palafrugell, and is recommended for people who like nature, history and walking through marvellous scenery by the sea. The whole route is marked with indicative signals and paint marks, apart from the section running from the GR-92 to connect with the PR-C 106. Some local paths have to be followed, the GR-92 and the PR-C 106. You will also find the route on wikiloc.




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