What to do in Palafrugell


Wonderful views


Wonderful views

In this section, a number of spots within our territory offering the most representative views are listed

Sant Sebastià cape : the highest and most emblematic spot of our town thanks to its fantastic views. From the venue next to the lighthouse you can see Llafranc’s bay, Calella’s coves, Cap Roig and Palamós at the furthest end. From the other side of the cliff, from the hotel terrace, we can gaze at the horizon and be sure that indeed the Earth is round. Take a walk down to Salt de Romaboira (The leap of Romaboira), impressive for its height and to satisfy your curiosity, find out what is it known for.

Can Mario tower : located at the square with the same name in the center of Palafrugell; this is one of the town emblems. Climb the 182 steps that will take you 35 meters up to give you the views of the whole town and surroundings. By the way, have you already visited the Cork Museum? It is just in that direction!

Punta d’en Blanc: on the coastal path that links Llafranc and Calella, look out for the wooden structure and watch Llafranc’s bay and the harbor from a privileged position.

Carles Sentís viewpoint: next to Hotel la Torre in Calella, you can find a scenic overlook of Canadell bay and els Canyissos or la Guitarra, as more popularly known by the local dwellers.

The Burricaires headland: located in front of Mediterrani Hotel in Calella, an array of typical white houses on both right and left, the church, Port Pelegrí and la Platgeta beaches, as well as the tiny islands opposite known as Fromigues (ants).

Joan Granés i Noguer square, located at the end of els Forcats street in Calella and in the middle of the coastal path between Sant Roc and Golfet beaches. Follow the GR-92 towards Cap Roig botanical gardens; stop for a visit and enjoy the views from the balcony as well as the botanical species and the castle.

Go to Tamariu beach and go up the steps on your right towards El Salí restaurant. Keep on climbing and follow the path to the Liris beach, where you will find a centenary hut. Take a rest on the bench along the path and watch the bay. Heavenly!


-Sant Sebastià’s mountain is located 165m above sea level.
-La Guitarra: its history goes back to 1962, when Jimmy Rena and his wife Mano launched the first jazz club in the Costa Brava at Canadell beach; they named it la Guitarra.
- Formigues battle, thirteenth century.



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