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Palafrugell by night

From quiet nights having a typical cremat in one of Calella’s terraces to crazy ones burning your energy away at hotel Llafranch... To liven up your night life we suggest the following options for entertainment...

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From quiet nights having a typical cremat in one of Calella’s terraces to crazy ones burning your energy away at Restaurante Llafranc… To liven up your night life we suggest the following options for entertainment:



If you are here on the first Saturday of July, take a deep breath and go into the heart of the crowd in Calella before reaching one of the beaches next to Port Bo to watch the most popular havaneres show of the year on a giant screen. After the concert, try to get into one of the bars on Calau street to drink a “cremat”  and listen one of the havaneres bands  to put a proper end to the most folk experience of the summer.

For a quiet drink in an exceptional spot, go to one of Calella’s terraces: Sant Roc hotel’s chill out, 3 pins bar or Havana Cafe… And, if you like jazz music, don’t miss the mythical jazz club La Guitarra at the old road that links Palafrugell with Calella to listen to good music in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you want some more action, you can go to the white canopies (we call them carpes) that you will also find on the old road from Palafrugell to Calella: Terrablanca until after 3am and Costa Este until sunrise.

The first Saturday of August, the havaneres night takes place in Llafranc, in a more informal fashion, on the sand. Surprise yourself with going to “el Gitano” (Hotel Llafranc’s restaurant) any summer weekend and you will probably find our legendary Rambo wearing a g-string and not much more enlivening his audience. For a quieter drink in Llafranc, you can go to la Caleta bar, next to the harbor or at one of the hotel terraces. The most romantic option would be at Nomo Restaurant’s terrace, at Sant Sebastià Cape, on the lighthouse.

If you are staying in Tamariu, go to the English pub called el Mossec, try a new gin and tonic at l’Ona bar, next to the beach, or enjoy one of the dinner and jazz concerts in Hotel Tamariu.

Regarding Palafrugell’s night life, we suggest you to go to the “plaça’s ball” in Plaça Nova any evening that it is on, eat a pizza or an ice-cream at the same square while watching locals and tourists alike dancing at the rhythm of our typical town festival songs. Just a few steps from there, fins el Pati de l’Estrella, a very nice patio for a snack, drink or some music.

To listen to live jazz music go to Mediterrània Espai Fòrum any Saturday night and, for alternative music, check out NOSA’s collective program.



These are Palafrugell’s night bars open all year round:

-        Candela bar & copes

-        La Industrial

-        Pub Harold’s

-        Daltònic

-        La taverneta Sol de Nit

-        Bar musical el Metro

-        Funky Pizza Disco House



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